Laser systems 

  • 2x20W laser systems
    Central wavelength: 1064 nm,
    Line width: 1 kHz
  • 2xECDL lasers
    Central wavelength: 780 nm,
    Line width: 200 kHz
  • 4xtapered laser amplifiers
    Central wavelength: 780 nm
    Power: 2W

End-stations /equipment 

  • 2x Bose Einstein Condensate Experimental workstations
  • 2x optical workstation with HEPA-flow boxes
  • 2x Broadband arbitrary wave generators 0Hz-40MHz
  • 1x 2ch Vector Network Analyser
  • 6x ~6GHz 100Hz line width microwave sources
  • 3x Fiber-optical coupling benches
  • 2x 30kW quadrupole field generators max 400G/cm
  • 3x labview controlled PXI stations with us temporal control over 2 min experimental sequence (64/196 digital & 2×32+analogue channels 2x16ch 16but@1Mhz, 8ch @ 24bit/198kHz)