Laser systems


  • Light Conversion, PHAROS-SP
    Central wavelength: 1026 nm, 513 nm
    Pulse energy: 1.5 mJ
    Pulse duration: 170 fs
    Repetition Rate: 1-200 kHz
  • Light Conversion, LYRA and ORPHEOUS OPAs
    Wavelength range: 250 nm-2500 nm
    Pulse duration: 170 fs
  • Femtolasers oscillator 800nm
    Central wavelength: 800 nm
    Pulse duration: 80 fs
    Repetition Rate: 75 MHz
  • IPG Photonics, Short pulse Fiber Laser
    Pulse duration: 10ps – 500ps

End-stations / equipement

  • Aerotech high precision laser submicron processing work station
  • Newport, Transient Absorption Spectrometer (TAS)
  • Horiba, iHR-320 Spectrometer
  • Live-cell and calcium imaging system
  • Non-linear microscopy workstation

Combined Micro-PL and differential micro-reflectivity workstation (4K- 380K) laser micro/nano structuring automated workstations