Laser systems 

  • Ti:Sapp Ι
    Central wavelength: 800 nm
    Peak power: 20 TWatt
    Pulse duration: 20 fs
    Repetition rate:10 Hz
  • Ti:Sapp ΙΙ
    Central wavelength:800 nm
    Peak power: 0.1 TWatt
    Pulse duration: 30 fs
    Repetition rate: 1 kHz

 Secondary sources

  • Attosecond pulse train beamline I
    Peak power: 20 GWatt
    Spectral range: 80 nm-35 nm
    Temporal characteristics: pulse train of ~500 attosecond long pulses; train envelope duration 10 fs
    Repetition rate: 10 Hz
  • Attosecond pulse train beamline II
    Peak power: 100 ΜWatt
    Spectral width 80 nm-35 nm
    Repetition rate: 1 κHz
  • Beamline of coherent continuum EUV radiation (polarization gating)
    Pulse energy: 100nJ
    Spectral range: 80 nm-20 nm
    Repetition rate: 10 Hz


  • Two stations for ultra-fast dynamics studies in gas phase
    Devices: TOF ion mass spectrometer
    TOF electron spectrometer
    Magnetic bottle electron spectrometer
    EUV radiation spectrometer
    Delay lines for EUV-pump-EUV-probe and IR/EUV pump-probe studies (1nm step translation stages)
  • Station for ultra-fast dynamics studies in condensed matter
  • Ion microscope station
    Spatial resolution: 1μm
  • «Harmonic quantum spectrometer» station

fs laser induced molecular alignment station