A National facility of the European RI ecosystem

The HELLAS-CH is a cross-disciplinary National Research Infrastructure (NRI), which offers access to a) advanced experimental facilities for state-of-the-art research on laser science, technology and applications, and b) versatile integrated tools and technologies for addressing demanding research challenges in the field of Heritage Science (HS).


Objectives of HELLAS-CH

  • Capitalize major scientific achievements in the country, making essential experimental resources available to prominent researchers in Greece.
  • Integrate the new generation of brilliant researchers into the vibrant academic environment of FORTH and identify leaders to extend the frontiers in the science and technology of light (Photonics).
  • Offer a number of top level resources and infrastructures along with related competences that will enable scientists to pursue cutting-edge research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Geophysics, Photonics and Micro/Nano-Engineering.
  • Shed light on not yet revealed aspects of the universal cultural heritage through new findings and tools, such as satellites interacting with underwater antiquities and new light sensors opening up novel channels towards the knowledge/understanding of our past.