Laser systems 

  • Excimer laser (Lambda Physik LPX315)
    Central wavelenγth: 308 nm
    Pulse duration: 20 ns
  • 2 308nm excimer pumped dye lasers with doubling crystals(Lamda Physik LPD3000)
  • Quanta Ray Pro 250 Nd:YAG
    Central wavelength: 355 nm
    Pulse duration: 12 ns
    Pulse energy: 0.45 J
  • Quanta Ray Pro 250 Nd:YAG  pumped MOPO system (Spectra Physics MOPO SL)
    Tenability range: 220-1800 nm
  • Spectra Physics Spirit with doubling, tripling and quadrupling crystals
    Central wavelength: 1040 nm
    Average power: 4W
    Pulse duration: 450 fs
  • Excimer laser (Lamda Physik COMPEX)
    Central wavelengths: 193/248 nm

End-stations / equipment 

  • Velocity map/Slice imaging with VUV generation gas cell end-station
  • Photoelectron imaging end-station
  • Time-resolved/Ultrafast Electron Diffraction end-station
  • TOF mass spectrometer (“Ariadne”)