Laser systems

  • Ti:Sapp system
    Central wavelength: 800 nm
    Pulse duration: 35 fs
    With 2 beam lines:
                     Beam line I
    Pulse energy: 2mJ
    Repetition rate: 1 kHz
    Beam line II
    Pulse energy: 50mJ
    Repetition rate: 50 Hz
  • FIANIUM FP1060-5-fs
    Central wavelength: 1064nm
    Average power: 5W
    Pulse duration: <220 fs
    Repetition rate: 80 MHz

Secondary sources

  • Two THz time-domain spectroscopic systems
    Repetition rate: 1 kHz
    Peak field: 200 kV/cm
    System I: Operation in reflection mode
    System II: Operation in transmission mode

    Both can be coupled with additional pump/probe beams in the visible/near-IR

  • High power THz source
    Repetition rate: 50 Hz
    Peak field: 1 MV/cm

End stations/equipment 

  • Laser micro-nano-machining workstation
    Aerotech Nanopositioners (x-y AXES): ANT130-XY, (z AXIS): ANT95-L-Z
  • Andor Spectrograph
  • Single shot autocorrelator
  • Lock-in amplifiers SR810 & SR830